Running a business is not an easy task. If you want to be successful in your business, it is important that you not only spend your time and money with the best tools to manage your business, but also find the most effective and profitable ways. Your company is as strong as you and the tools you offer to ensure the success of your company. Data intelligence is one of the best tools you can use to not only manage your business, but also grow it.

What is data intelligence?

Data intelligence is to use and analyze different types of data to develop your business or investment. This data analysis often also refers to when companies collect internal data to evaluate their employees and their decisions. Various types of data are collected during this data intelligence process, including data mining, business performance, event process and online analysis.[i]

In short, data intelligence is the ability to interact and analyze data so you can get valuable data for the future of your business. By using data intelligence, you can better develop these great ideas that will help your business succeed. The data intelligence process only provides you with useful data that is relevant to your company. Relevant data make it easier for you to make the right decisions for your company.[ii]

There are several types of business intelligence data, including:

  • Big Data

Big data is not just about the data volume, but rather about storing this essential data for later use in the analysis. The data is organized in such a way that the data can be analyzed more efficiently and precisely.

  • Data Mining

Data mining is a process in which data is analyzed to find patterns and then organized to make future analyzes much easier to manage. This analysis and organization enables users not only to predict future trends in their industry, but also to follow them. With data mining, you can create excellent forecasts for the future of your company.

  • event processing

Once the data has been classified, this data must be processed so that you can draw conclusions. This is what event handling handles. This part of the process is important not only to predict future investments, but also to identify potential problems that need to be resolved immediately, which can eliminate many unpredictabilities.

  • Online analysis

Online analytics are critical to data intelligence. It can help you keep an eye on your marketing campaigns and measure your online traffic to see the success of your website for you. You can also improve the experience of your customers in dealing with your company.

Data driven decision making

Data-driven decision making is when companies make their important decisions based on the data they collect, rather than just trusting their guts or their observations. Data driven decision making has become an integral part of decision making in recent years, which can also be referred to as data driven decision making or data driven decision management.[iii]

Regardless of whether you want to opt for a new product or a new service, data-driven decisions can help you achieve better chances of success with your new offer. In the past, people trusted their instincts and went there. Thanks to data-controlled intelligence, you can now collect data on topics such as newsgroups or examine the market demand for your offer.

The essential part of this process is to find the data that is relevant to your specific needs. You need to find a strategy and find the right questions to get help with certain decisions. With this strategy, you can choose the perfect dates to make the decision you want to make. By organizing the data you get through data intelligence, you can better classify the data to help you make current decisions as well as make critical decisions that you may need to make in the future.[iv]

Business Intelligence

It is important to remember that data intelligence is different from business intelligence. These two concepts are often confused as the same and used interchangeably. However, there are clear differences between these two concepts. For example, data intelligence can focus on a company’s future, while business intelligence is more about organizing data to make it more applicable and useful for business needs.

Business Intelligence is the procedural and technical infrastructure with which your company’s data is recorded, stored and analyzed. Business Intelligence uses this data, which your company analyzes, to make it easier to understand reports, trends, information, and performance metrics that help companies make more informed decisions.[v]

The point is that business intelligence was created to help leaders make better, more informed decisions. Managers often made bad decisions because they didn’t have enough information to make a good decision. BI is the solution to this problem. It uses easily visible metrics to better help the business owner make better decisions.

The Business Intelligence Data Warehouse is an integral part of this. The data warehouse is practically a central repository system in which the company stores all structured data in one place. The data warehouse is critical for an organization because it enables easier reporting and analysis of the data. You get better business intelligence when you invest in a data warehouse.

Reports and budgeting

Organizations need to be able to better manage their reports and budgets. Without a reasonable budget, your winnings can fly out the window quickly. Fortunately, business intelligence tools usually have financial and other reporting tools that can make your life easier. Through these programs, you can display a dashboard that contains a variety of information, including payroll, operating costs, cash flow, CRM, and any other financial data you need to worry about.
How does it help you By providing the tools to quickly view the information you need, you can make better financial decisions for your business. You can budget your investments better and plan for the future.

Why is data driven decision making important?

Before data intelligence, companies trusted their guts when making decisions for their company. It was often a dangerous thing. As technology evolved, companies had more tools to make more informed decisions. You now have Big Data , which gives you all the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Why is data driven decision making so important? It is important that companies can achieve consistent and continuous growth for their company. With data-driven decisions, your business can generate more revenue, create new opportunities, predict future trends, create actionable information, and leverage your current business efforts. With this information, not only can your business grow over time, but you can also better customize your business as needed. Your decisions can make or break your business, and you want to make sure you have the best data to make the best decisions.

Data-driven decision making offers many benefits, including these key benefits[vi]:

  • Use data better

You’ve trusted your instincts for your business for a long time, but that’s not all you need for your business. You need data to back up your instincts and make better decisions. You can access your internal data to test new ideas or learn about trends that will help you grow and be successful. Because the data is organized and the valuable data is divided into different categories, you can easily access the data you need and make better use of this data.

  • Have data rather than opinions

Data is at the heart of every decision, which means that the decision-making process carries fewer risks. You see the data and can analyze it to see the facts about a particular decision. It’s great to have opinions, but the facts can always help you a lot.

The fact is that data intelligence can make a big difference to your company’s success.


L’intelligence des données est cruciale si vous voulez voir votre entreprise réussir. Ces information vous aideront à mieux évaluer où vous vous trouvez actuellement et comment mieux planifier l’avenir de votre entreprise. Que vous souhaitiez simplement connaître le succès de nouveaux produits ou services ou suivre le bon fonctionnement de votre stratégie marketing, l’intelligence des données vous fournit les informations dont vous avez besoin pour prendre ces décisions cruciales pour votre entreprise. L’intelligence des données est un domaine important dans lequel investir si vous souhaitez accroître la réussite de votre entreprise.